We drive 1500 miles to South Padre Island on spring break. Minor problem: No one is there. Solution: Stay with Brandon -- trouble for both sides of the boarder for the next week.

The majority of our pictures were taken the day Brandon showed us around Progresso and Reynosa. Notably missing nights include our time spent at Trevor's place playing euchre with Bonnie, our adventure in Tennesse at Waffle House, our night at Circle Inn, Simon Sez, the Echo Hotel Lounge, the Boom Boom Room, the night at Xoticas, the customs inspection in the wasteland that is mid-Texas, and of course the hit and run Mustang incident in Austin. Anyone who's been to Kentuky will recognize the cave we stopped at on the way down... we also stopped at Graceland in TN. Even after we left McAllen, TX we still managed to find fun in the French Quarters of New Orleans -- wow.

As with most of my traveling, I kept a journal... one which, looking over, is actually interesting to read. I had no camera of my own... all these are Rafael's and Mark's. I hear Geoff finally developed his pictures 7 months after our trip. I have yet to see them.