I took this trip my junior year of high school. It was V's idea. He wanted to go to Cedar Point for his senior skip day. I might not have gone if it hadn't been for Ms. Nic. The day before V approached me with his plan, she had told my honors physics that she always schedules the exam for her AP physics class on Senior Skip day so that her kids can't leave. No make ups -- no excuses. I realized that since I was going to take AP physics next year, I would never have a senior skip day of my own... my one chance to enjoy a skip day and that was with V!

Of course, I couldn't just skip. I created my very own physics field trip in honor of Ms. Nic, the woman who would stop me from having my real skip day. I even made a permission slip which I had my mother sign so that I could be excused from classes for the day. I was at the high school two hours before classes started and gave the note to the first administrator I saw go inside... then I was off to Ohio!

Needless to say, this trip became infamous around school because my mom happend to go by school to make sure I was properly excused... and she ran into Ms. Nic. Surprised, my mother asked Ms. Nic why she didn't go on the field trip with her own class. ;~(

Ms. Nic ridiculed me the next day in class and also made me wash her car... however, the one thing she didn't do was turn me into the office: my skip day remained excused due to the infinately understanding and forgiving nature of my mother and Ms. Nic. Thanks again, both of you.

Despite all that, this trip was soooo worth it! I went with V, Shiney, and Xuefa. We spent the day meeting honeys, hopping on rides, and not being in school. :) I've been on lots of trips. I honestly believe that few trips change the person you are. This was one that did. I credit this trip for making me realize that every now and then, you need to just totally let go no matter what the cost. I could never be as laid back or outgoing as I am today if not for this trip. Thanks V. I miss you man, come home soon.