This was my New Yeaks for 2002. Well, not exactly. This was right after New Years for me. I actually went to London for this New Years. London, Ontario that is. I went there with Mark because Windsor is over done and Toronto was way too far away. Mark has some pictures of that trip somewhere but they need to be re-scanned.

Have you ever had the realization that you are with a rather unusual grouping of people? The type of group you could never assemble again no matter how hard you tried? These pictures are a mix of two such nights. The one night I attended a medium sized Lan Party in the Quantum Inc building (formerly ZDS). I played Quake and UT till the sun came up. I expect that this was my last lan ever with Dave, Jack, Gib, Drew, and Garrison. Hopefully not, but we're all spining down different paths. Dave is working full time in Illinois, I'm still at U of M in Ann Arbor, Drew is starting at U of M Dearborn, Jack is building houses with his father in Berrien County, Garrison is working at Quantum, and I have no idea what will become of Gib.

The other night was an even more bizarre grouping. Bizarre but fun. I went to Kelly's bowling alley with Dave, Knapp, Amy, Morgan, Garrison, Zelvis, and my lil' bro Pete. Pete did rather well even though he felt compelled to throw himself down the lane after every shot. I'm especially fond of the pictures of Amy molesting Garrison... classic.