Welcome to Columbia & 9th, Holland, MI - Summer 2001. I was living on my own in Grand Rapids. Underground Computers owned my soul... but I saved my blood & sweat for the Holland skate park. I was there to air out and that's exactly what I did.

There are at least half a dozen sessions photographed here. Photographers include freelance journalist Brandon Wright, Blake from work, Mike Knapp, my father, myself (w/ disposable cams) and most of my friends in the other pictures.

I think it's also very important to point out that although the park may have been a converted tennis court with a bunch of ramps and halfpipes, it was so much more to me. The park was more because I felt so free and alive grinding across a cope, dropping in, coasting though a dip, then streching out completely at the top of a 10ft jump. The park was more because I met similarly crazy people who impressed the hell out of me. But mostly, that park was more because that particular skate park just happened to be adjacent to the athletics practice field where all of HOPE's female atheletes trained. ;-) (not to mention, directly across the street from Dykstra, their largest all-female dormatory.) Enjoy the pics!