Our lease at 934 Mary ran out on August 20th... two weeks before our new lease started. This left Brian and I effectively homeless. We were faced with going back to St. Joe... or going to Florida! :) So I went with Brian and Ram to Brians grandmother's condo for a week. Knapp and Mike D were also reprieved from St. Joe and Midland (respectivly). Mike D did most of the driving since it was his van... and because the transmission sliped in low gears. We had 2 weeks before school started and we were determined to relax. We figured 1500 miles away from home was as good a place as any.

Our exact destination in Florida was Vero Beach. I wouldn't call our condo community the spring break destination of the year. Vero beach is often refered to as Zero Beach... even by the retiree population, which i might add, makes up 100% of the permanent population in the Ocean Harbor Condos. Fortunately, we weren't there for a taping of "Girls gone wild"... we just wanted some sun.

And sun we got! I think even Ram got darker. ;) When we weren't sleeping, we were out tanning at the pools, in the hot tub, and of course in the Atlantic Ocean (since all were within a minute of the condo.) We also somehow managed a one-day snorkeling trip. We went to two beutiful coral reefs at Pennekamp State Park in Key Largo. A few of us got to chase sting-rays around. I did!

I'd also like everyone to know that I had a pet salamander for 10 minutes. Enjoy the pics.