Mike wanted to go to Dayton. Mike had the van. John wanted to go to Dayton. John had the tent. I wanted to go to Dayton. I had three tickets. These collective desires/resources combined to create our 2002 Dayton Hamvention trip.

At the show, I picked up a couple slockets for my old dual-processor motherboard so I was able to go from a single 450MHz-->dual 504MHz! I bought a working car alarm and two keychain remotes for $1. Carried away two giant SCSI drive towers and a couple HP scanners for free. I also picked up a bunch of heatsinks, computer fans, and network cards -- all free.

We camped free, parked both days free, got into Hamfest free, and ate free meals with my father (thanks pop.) We didn't take any pictures the first day but that was when we visited the University of Dayton, saw Spiderman, and drove all over Dayton. We had a great trip! No KOA adventures this year.. thanks Mike. ;-)