Mark wanted to go to Alaska. I wanted to go to California. So we went to Alaska and California for 3 weeks.

I kept a journal of our activities which grew to over 50 pages. That kind of thing happens though when you go to Glacier Park, the Yukon, Alaska, Vancouver, Seattle, San Francisco, Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Denver, St. Louis, and just about every place in between. Thanks to this trip, I am now one state away from visiting all 50 (Hawaii here I come!)

Possibly the most interesting thing about this trip is that it almost didn't happen for Doug. He knew nothing of our plans to go until he AIMed me at work (*three* hours before Mark and I had planed to leave alone) to let me know that the GM plant was shutting down for two weeks. He logged off by the time I got his message but for some reason I decided to find his number and call him. I knew he would never come but I figured nothing ventured, nothing gained. In under ten minutes I had convinced him to purchase a one-way ticket out of Seattle so he could fly back and not lose his job. The rest is history.

All told we spent around $600US apiece in 23 days, drove 12,000 miles with just under 400 gallons of gasoline... visited 13 states, 3 national parks, 5 canadian provinces, passed though 7 border crossings, and took around 500 pictures -- half of which are online :). Enjoy!